Ultralight Backpacking Information

Much of this information and doctrine was either originated or inspired by Ray Jardine. His first book on the subject was "The Pacific Crest Trail Hiker's Handbook" (© 1992 - 1997 by Ray Jardine). His second book was really and expansion and generalization of the first and is "Beyond Backpacking" (© 1992, 1996, 2000 by Ray Jardine). Beyond Backpacking is available from AdventureLore Press at www.AdventureLore.com. Ray is a seasoned long-distance backpacker having done most of the classic long-distance routes (The Pacific Crest Trail, The Appalacian Trail, etc.) multiple times. His information comes from true experience and not just some pontification from an armchair outdoors person. If you plan to backpack I suggest that you obtain and read a copy of the book. Items List:
Main Gear
Packlightweight sack, use pad or similar for pack "frame"
UmbrellaModified, Used for rain or sun (include mylar cover)
Sleeping padtrim to fit torso only, closed cell foam
Sleeping Baguse quilt approach if able, use lightweight bag and wear cloths if needed for extra warmth
Tentif able: eliminate / tarp / bivy / no poles (use sticks or twine)
Ground Sheet mylar (space blanket)
Water Bottleuse cheap soad or water bottles
Stove & Fuelif able: eliminate / gas can with direct burner / Sierra Stove (Lithium battery doubles as backup for light)
Other Items
Cookwearsingle mug / pot (titainium ?) ~1-2 Qt
Flatwearsingle spoon (spork?), plastic or lexan (use pocket knife if/as needed)
Can openerP-51
Head coverbrimmed hat / umbrella (modified, with mylar)
ShoesLightweight!! sneakers / "walking shoe"
Toothbrushsmall, cut / trim, bring / use minimal paste/powder, minimal floss (no box/roll)
Pocket Knifevery small and simple, eg) Victorinox Classic
Flashlight7g microwonder lithium cell and white LED, single AA/AAA cell unit if needed / backup
Towelquick-dry, cut to washcloth size, for all needs
Lightersimple cheap lighter
Bug Repellentbring only what you'll need in small bottle
Lip balmwith SPF factor
Sunscreensmall bottle, high SPF factor
Sunglassesas appropriate
MedsAdvil, Excederin, Vitamins, etc
First AidBetadine, hydrogen peroxide, Amoxicillin, Antibiotic, zinc oxide, salt, ...
Foot Careadhesive strips, moleskin, 2nd skin, white tape, clear first aid tape, ~3 Q-Tips, molefoam
Windexsmall bottle and small cloth for cleaning glasses & camera lens
Compasssimple but reasonable unit
Cordfor misc use, paracord or similar
Sewing Kitheavy thread, 3 safety pins, 3 needles
Emergency Fire Kitsmall lighter, stick matches, birthday candles
Valuablescash, credit card, driver's license
Toilet Kittoilet paper, Dr, Bronner's soap
Notes & NavNotepad, map, pen, pencil
Clothessynthetics - lightweight and dry easily, dry yesterday's clothes while you hike (at most 2 per item), wear any/all as needed for warmth (even when sleeping)
Jacket ShellNylon or similar
Shell PantsNylon or similar
Socks2 Pair (+1 worn), synthetic

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