Do I need a map and compass on Mt Shasta?

The main route from Bunny Flat to the Summit is well traveled. On a typical June or July weekend there are so many people going up and down the mountain that you really don't need anything to follow the trail. The only tricky part at all is through the woods from Bunny Flat to Horse Camp and it is pretty well marked even if you were to loose sight of others. Once you're past Horse Camp the trail is pretty much confined by Casaval Ridge on the left and Middle Moraines on the right. Again, there will be a number of other people on the trail and so you won't be stranded no matter what you do.

You may choose to bring along a map, altimeter, and compass so that you can track your progress and/or help identify other features nearby. But, in general, you shouldn't need them to keep from getting lost.

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