Mt. Shasta photos from a June 2004 flyby

All pictures featured here were taken on June 8, 2004 from a Cessna TR182 at approximately 14,000 - 16,000 feet MSL. This flight follwed a counter-clockwise rotation; all compass directions are approximate.

(1) Mt. Shasta as seen from the west side of I-5, from the SW of the summit. The city of Mt. Shasta is in the lower left and Shasta is directly ahead towards the NNE. The Mt. Shasta ski area is just below the cloud line just right of center. The Dunsmuir Airport can be seen adjacent to I-5 in the lower right.

(2) Virtually the same perspective as photo (1).

(3) Now looking from the SSW. Just to the right of the center of the picture, midway between the snow line and the bottom of the picture, you can see the switchback trail of the Everett Memorial Highway. The Bunny Flat parking area and trailhead are visible just at the edge of the snowline, directly above the middle of the previously mentioned switchback. The Horse Camp area (aka Sierra Hut) is also visible, a bit up and to the left of the Bunny Flat area (at the apex of a triangular treeline area). From the Horse Camp area the Avalanche Gulch Route travels virtually straight towards the summit in this photo (and is, unfortumately, partially obscured by clouds).

(4) Virtually the same perspective as photo (3).

(5) The summit finally reveals itself.

(6) Not a very good picture, sigh.

(7) The summit on the right as seen from the SSE.

(8) Continuing CCW, now from the SE.

(9) From the ESE.

(10) Continuing CCW, still roughly from the ESE.

(11) Now from the East (that's the left wing strut on the left side of the picture).

(12) A zoom shot from almost the same position, still from the East.




(16) Shasta as seen from the north. The uppermost portions of the Whitney Glacier (right) and the Bolam Glacier (left) can be seen. Shastina is just off the picture to the right.

(17) Continuing CCW, now looking from the NNW.

(18) Continuing CCW, now looking from the NW.

(19) This final picture was taken from the WNW.

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